Interview No 3

Myself and my partner and 2 children we got targeted in the housing scheme where we lived, they threw brick through window and it happened to be the children’s bedroom and it just missed my son’s head.

People used to jump up at our windows to scare us, they set fire the play park where my children used to play.

Every night I used to take abuse calling me ‘lezzas’, ‘you’re nothing but an f’in lesbian your this, you that, the other’.

I was very frightened, very scared, scared to go out and eventually we had to move. Virtually made ourselves homeless.

So the impact of that was uprooting your whole family.

Did anyone from the community offer you and support?
Not one person. It may have prevented us having to flee. There was nowhere for us to go.

How do you feel now 17 years on.
Wouldn’t go out, mental health services for a long time it messed up my head I became very agoraphobic. Even the mental health team didn’t take it seriously. Nobody would say anything.

Why do you feel it is important people hear what you have to say?
I think it’s important people know, now, that there is help out there. And there is such projects as A.C.T who can help you deal with these things. I would loved absolutely something like this. I would hate someone to go through the same experience.

It’s wrong everybody should be allowed to live how they want to live and live peacefully.

I just want people to know hate crime’s out there. Wouldn’t want to be in my position and not know that it’s a hate crime. Because I had no idea it was a hate crime. In fact right up until recently, until the A.C.T project I didn’t understand hate crime at all.